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Giorgio Armani Beauty

Incentivized Purchasing


giorgio armani beauty

Motivating users to engage with a premium experience.

Inspired by luxurious textiles, the Giorgio Armani beauty collection translates a history of fashion into the world of cosmetics. Although the brand continues to grow and thrive, we wanted to take a step back and establish what sets the ecomm experience apart from purchasing GA products at any other retailer.


the problem

Armani discounts and sales are few and far between. When they do come around, how can we make sure we're optimizing these experiences for our users?

the opportunity

Our strategy for this initiative was to more effectively promote the exclusive complimentary samples and deluxe gift offers across the site. 



By surfacing highly contextual prompts, we can inform users of their status in accessing the available offers at relevant points throughout their visit.



Through our research, we identified a need for more user control and personalization. We implemented a more streamlined system for users to select their samples and gifts instead of default products being added to the users cart automatically. 



We also implemented contextual modules for return users to remind them of previous samples and shades to optimize their experience and eliminate any guess work.



User Experience Strategy
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